Evdokimov Yuriy

Bibliography of Sultanate of Oman

Москва, 2012, 540 p.

Oman is the Arab state situated in the South-Eastern part of Arabian Peninsula. During many centuries it was a major sea power which possessed vast seaside regions and islands on the East and West shore of Persian (Arabian) Gulf, South Iran, Baluchistan, East Africa (from Horn of Africa to Mozambique), North Madagascar. But by the middle of 19th century Great Britain captured the most part of Omani possessions, and Oman became isolated and one of the poorest regions in the world. It was torn by civil strife and armed intervention by external forces up to the last quarter of 20th century. Oil extraction for export and the rise to power of the present ruler of Oman – sultan Qābūs bin Sa‘īd, resulted in country's transition to modernization and modern development. This bibliography includes works in Russian, European and Oriental languages from the first publications up to our days. The book consists of 10 thematic parts devoted to different aspects of country history, such as political life, economy, social structure, culture, etc. The work is supplied with Name Index. Bibliographical descriptions of the books are arranged in alphabetical order. For all foreign publications, irrespective of original language, the author uses the main generally accepted unified terms and abbreviations in Latin and English. Transliteration of Arabic names is given on the basis of Latin letters, letter combinations and rules taken from Leiden publication of “Encyclopaedia of Islam. New edition”.

РУССКАЯ ВЕРСИЯ: Библиография Султаната Оман