Нагарджуна и его учение Нагарджуна и его учение
Нагарджуна и его учение Нагарджуна и его учение

Androsov Valery

Nagarjuna and His Teaching

Москва, 1990, 269 p.

V. P. Androsov. Nagarjuna and His Teaching. An analysis of historical literary, philosophic and other sources relating to early Madhyamika suggests considerable untapped potentialities concealed in the Nagarjuman studies. The written heritage ascribed to Nagarjuna also needs further study.
Each chapter of the book contains a historiography survey. The critical analysis of sources and literature and the historico-textological approach to evaluation of the early cultural phenomena make it possible to give a fresh interpretation of the known facts. Androsov makes use of the concept of "types of textual activity" as applied to Nagarjuna's writings which only in pa coincides with the concept of "genres of literature".
The idea of textual activity was borrowed from the language of contemporary Soviet psychologists of the L.S. Vygotsky-
A.N. Leontyev school who are the founders of the theory activity.

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