Индо-тибетский буддизм. Энциклопедический словарь Индо-тибетский буддизм. Энциклопедический словарь

Androsov Valery

Indo-Tibetan Buddhism. Encyclopaedic Dictionary

Москва, 2011, 448 p.

This monograph written by Dr. of Historical Sciences, Prof. V.P. Androsov, embraces more than 700 definitions of Buddhistic terms and contains a vast information about histo-ry, philosophy, mythology of Buddhism, and also about its leaders and literary sources. In the laconic and capacious dictionary entries the author exposes one of the most vivid strata of Orient culture. In his research the scientist keeps an open mind about the essence of theoretical concepts of Bud-dhism and investigates their development in different schools and trends. One can find in this dictionary not only the articles about Ancient India and Tibet (including traditional Tibetan Buddhism of the Russian peoples), but also the essays con-cerning this culture in other countries from past centuries to our days. The dictionary opens with research essay “Life Sto-ry of the Buddha Shakyamuni”, in which the author gives the translations of some Buddhistic texts from Pali, Sanskrit and Tibetan, with analytical and source studies comments. The book is also supplied with chronological table of historical dates mentioned in this monograph, and thematic parts which helps to find the necessary materials. In conclusion, one of the most complete list of Buddhistic literature published in Russian in 1857 – 2009 is given. This book is intended for scientists-orientalists, lecturers and Buddhologists, as well as for a wide readership who is interested in Orient culture.

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