Иран: история и современность Иран: история и современность
Иран: история и современность Иран: история и современность

Iran : History and Modernity

Editor: Lyudmila Kulagina, Mamedova Nina
Compilator: Ravandi-Fadai Lana, Fedorova Irina

Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Москва, 2014, 319 p.

This collection of articles presents a large variety of papers devoted to different little-studied problems of medieval, modern and contemporary economic and political history of Iran. A series of articles is dedicated to Iran in 18 – 20 centuries. Some papers are devoted to biographies and political activities of Iranian communists. The articles by L. Ravandi-Fadai and I. Fedorova are focused on a controversial period in Iranian history and a coup d’etat of 1953. Its anniversary marked in 2013 attracted attention of researchers all over the world. M. Kameneva and N. Ter-Oganov examine very important problems of relations between Russia and Iran. A bunch of articles is dedicated to political and economic life of the Islamic Republic of Iran after H. Rouhani came into office. N. Mamedova investigates situation in Iran’s economy, V. Sazin, I. Fedorova, A. Polischuk, L. Kulagina thoroughly analyse new trends in foreign policy after 2013. Their works are of great current interest because the authors not only deal with modern problems but also forecast some further developments. The book is supplied with Summary to every article and information about the authors in Russian and English.

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