Очерки природы исламизма Очерки природы исламизма
Очерки природы исламизма Очерки природы исламизма

Levin Zalman

Essays on the Character of Islamism

Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Москва, 2014, 126 p.

In contrast to the ideals and principles of the West, Islamism puts forward his own model of social existence. The purpose of the book is an attempt to discover the historical roots of Islam, come to the point why Islamic radicalism is now possible as an ideological sect. The author looks into the phenomena of politicization of Islam, introduction and radicalization of Islamism, the main postulates of radical-Islamic ideology and according to this – the question of plasticity of religious systems and Islamic doctrine singularity. System approach to the analysis of social life gives grounds to state without risk of big mistake that politicization of Islam in the form of modern Islamism is ultimately a consequence of the processes of accelerated modernization and globalization that have covered the whole world.

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