Поэтика политики : тунисский вариант Поэтика политики : тунисский вариант

Kuznetsov Vasily

Poetics of the Politics : Tunisian Case

Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Москва, 2013, 56 p.

This work is devoted to the problem of interrelation between aesthetics (poetics of world perception) and politics (choice of strategy of social and political action). Some observations of general-theoretical character are considered on concrete Tunisian material with some lyrical excursus, examples, printed in italics, additions (in footnotes), and pictures. For the simplification of the text it is structured by theses. The work is devoted to the memory of Issaak M. Filshtinsky (outstanding Russian Arabist).

РУССКАЯ ВЕРСИЯ: Поэтика политики : тунисский вариант