Изучение ислама на Западе Изучение ислама на Западе
Изучение ислама на Западе Изучение ислама на Западе

Al-Viry Al-Viri

The Study of Islam in the West

Translator: Norik Boris

Москва, 2016, 324 p.

Over the years, Western Orientalists have been engaged in collecting and studying the enormous ideological, cultural and historical heritage of the Islamic world. As a result of these studies, many critical texts and translations into the European languages of the most valuable works of Eastern authors were published. Today, they are a very useful source for the development of Islamic studies. At the same time, one can not ignore the fact that historical studies are not devoid of political and colonial motives. Therefore, the historical analysis, suggested by Western Orientalists, should be taken with a certain degree of criticism. The book of the Iranian researcher Mohsen al-Viry is based on extensive historiography and careful analysis of factual material. It introduces the reader to the Eastern, more precisely, Islamic view of Western Islamic studies, Orientalism and Oriental studies. The analysis of the material is based on two tipes of contrapositions, namely, Western and Eastern approaches to the study of Islam, as well as secular (Oriental studies and Islamic studies) and the Islamic sciences proper. The book is meant for the undergraduates specializing in theology, as well as for all interested readers.

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