Япония 2014. Ежегодник Япония 2014. Ежегодник

Japan 2014. Annual

Editor-in-chief: Streltsov Dmitry

Москва, 2014, 312 p.

This Issue of Annual “Japan 2014” is devoted to the 20th anniversary of “Association of Japanologists”. The authors of this Issue paid main attention to the theoretical and practical aspects of Japanese foreign policy, problems of social and energy development of the country in the context of difficult economic situation in the middle of 2010s. Some issues of Japanese history and culture at different stages of country’s development are under consideration too. The work consists of the following parts: Domestic and Foreign Policy, Economy and Society, History, Culture, Special Theme of Issue. The author of the last part (Kravtsevish A.I.) researches the little-studied pages of the history of normalization of Soviet-Japanese relations in 1950s. The book includes the information about the authors and Summary to each article.

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