South-East Asia : Relevant Problems of Development. Ideology, History, Culture, Policy, Economy

Editor-in-chief: Mosyakov Dmitry
Еditor: Nikolay Maletin
Editor-compilator: Yulia Levtonova, Galina Murasheva, Aida Simonia

Institut vostokovedeniya RAN

Moskva, 2012, Vy`p. XVIII (YuVA 2011 – 2012). – 333 str. Vy`p. XIX (YuVA 2011 – 2012). – 327 pages

The collections of articles are devoted to the study of socio-economic processes, political, cultural and ideological aspects of South-East Asia region as a whole and its separate countries in 2011 – 2012. Special attention is paid to SEA connections with out world, first of all with the states of Asia and Russia.
Every issue contains the following main parts.
Part 1. Common regional problems of development.
Part 2. Ideology, history, culture, policy, economy of separate countries.
Part 3. Historical pages.
Issue XIX also includes Part 4 presenting a review of the book by Akimov A.V., Yakovlev A.I. Civilizations in the XXI Century: Problems and Perspectives for Development. This review is written by D.V. Mosyakov.
Both Issues have the finishing Part – Supplements which consist of annotations, key words, English Summary to each article, as well as information about the authors. This collection of articles can be useful for practical organizations and Universities.