Abu Erteila. Excavation in Progress Abu Erteila. Excavation in Progress

Ветохов Сергей Вячеславович, Кормышева Элеонора Ефимовна, Лебедев Максим Александрович, Малых Светлана Евгеньевна

Abu Erteila. Excavation in Progress

Институт востоковедения РАН

Москва, 2019, 394 стр.

ISBN: 978-5-89282-915-1

The book contains the publication of the excavations and finds of the joint international project (Italy—Russia) in Abu Erteila (Republic of the Sudan), where the Natakamani Temple dated in the 1st century AD was found. The material on the architecture of the temple, the original designs of individual rooms, and the reconstruction of the temple is presented here. The book contains the description of the altar, sacral stand for the bark or statues, columns with reliefs, the system of the ancient water drainage system, including prototypes of medieval gargoyles, pedestals of statues, and fragments of cult and household pottery. The publication may be of interest to archaeologists, historians, university professors and all interested in ancient civilizations of the Nile Valley and the desert areas of the upper Nile.

ENG VERSION: Abu Erteila. Excavation in Progress