Matrix of Ethnology. Essays on the Theory and Methodology. 2nd ed.

General Editor: Kadyrov Shokhrat
Еditor: Viktor Kozlov, Sledzevski Igor

Москва, 2013, 112 p.

This book specifies the theory of ethnos introduced in Russian literature. It analyses theoretical and methodological principles of such terms as “ethnos” and “nation”; old and newest concepts are critically considered on concrete examples. New definition of “ethnos” as a notion is elaborated. The thesis about the necessity of working-out ethnos theory categorical apparatus is proved. A new (paradigma-matrix) approach allowing to bring to light essential characteristics of some main ethnology notions and study out the mechanisms of ethnic development is suggested. The work considers the problem situation not as a conflict of concepts, schools and trends, but as a conflict of essentials of different paradigms, i.e. various value systems of scientists. The book is meant for ethnographers, historians, sociologists, political science researchers, philosophers, students of humanitarian institutions, postgraduates, doctorants, experts in management, journalists, and politicians.

РУССКАЯ ВЕРСИЯ: Матрица этнологии. Очерки о теории и методологии. 2-е изд.