Путешествие из Москвы в Курдистан Путешествие из Москвы в Курдистан

Dasni Yuri Romanovich

Путешествие из Москвы в Курдистан

Восточная книга

Москва, 2010, 190 стр.

The author shares his impressions of the trip to the festival organized by the Ministry of Culture of Iraqi Kurdistan on October 30-31, 2008 in the city of Duhok, dedicated to the work of poet and historian Mahmud Bayazidi, in which he took part.
Yuri Dasni in the form of travel notes describes the current situation in Iraqi Kurdistan, living conditions, moods, features of the political system and economic development of the region. The story of modern Kurdistan is supplemented into the history of the Kurds, stories and religion of the Yezidis. The book describes the unique places that the author managed to see on the way to Kurdistan and in Kurdistan itself.
The book contains photographs of the author and his companion Vadim Makarenko, which allow readers to visually imagine the life of the Kurds of northern Iraq.
The book can be a useful guide for those who are going to visit Kurdistan, as it describes in detail the features of the journey from Moscow through Istanbul and Diyarbakir to Dukhok and Erbil, including the specifics of the crossing of the Turkish-Iraqi border.

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