«Я рад, что стал монголоведом.» К 85-летию С.К. Рощина «Я рад, что стал монголоведом.» К 85-летию С.К. Рощина

“I am Glad that I has Become a Mongolist.” On the 85th Anniversary of S.K. Roshchin

Editor-compilator: Elena Bojkova, Khishigt Norovsambuu

Институт востоковедения РАН, Институт истории и археологии АН Монголии

Москва; Улаанбаатар, 2015, 296 стр.

Sergey K. Roshchin belongs to the older generation of Russian Mongolists. Almost 60 years he worded at the Institute of Oriental Studies, RAS. And all these years he remained faithful to one speciality – Mongolian Studies. His monograph “The Political History of Mongolia (1921 – 1940)” has become a significant event in the scientific circles, not only among Mongolian specialists, but also among all those who are interested in Mongolia. In this book, without any political conjuncture, the author analyses the peculiarities of the political development of Mongolia in the 20-30s of the last century, reveals many previously unknown or little known facts from the history of the country. Thanks to S.K. Roshchin and his book, the interest to Mongolia in recent years has grown significantly in Russia. The author scrutinized the archival documents in the Russian Center for Preservation and Study of Modern history Documents (now it is called the Russian State Archive of Social and Political History) and in Foreign Policy Archive of Russian Federation. The collected material allowed him to write three more books, which attracted great interest of specialists and a wide range of readers. These works are devoted to prominent statesmen of Mongolia – Kh. Choibalsan, P. Genden, D. Sükhbaatar. The author actually created a new trend in Mongolian Studies, namely the genre of “political biography”. S.K. Roshchin is a distinguished Russian Mongolist, Doctor of Historical Sciences, Ph.D. in Economics, Honorary Doctor of the Institute of History and Archaeology of the Academy of Sciences of Mongolia. This book, dedicated to 85th anniversary of S.K. Roshchin, includes the articles by his friends and colleagues of different generations from Russia, Mongolia and France. This collection of articles is a tribute of deep respect to Sergey K. Roshchin. The book contains the List of Published Works by S.K. Roshchin, as well as information about the authors. The Preface is written by E.V. Boikova.

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