Знамя и меч от Падишаха Знамя и меч от Падишаха
Знамя и меч от Падишаха Знамя и меч от Падишаха

Vasilyev Aleksandr

Banner and Sword from Padishah

Политические и культурные контакты ханств Центральной Азии и Османской империи (середина XVI – начало XX вв.)

Еditor: Meyer Mihail

Институт востоковедения РАН, ПРОБЕЛ-2000

Москва, 2014, 356 стр.

The book deals with mutual relations of the Ottoman Empire and the states of the Central Asia thanks to attraction and comparison of documents from the Russian and Turkish archives. On the basis of above mentioned archival materials author analyses the foundation and development of relations of Bukhara, Khiva, Khokand, Kashgar (state of Jettishaar) and Ottoman Empire. These materials allow widening information about the role of Ottoman Empire in the history of international contacts of the khanates of Central Asia. Besides not only global geopolitical interests of competing, Great European powers were present in the region, but also the states of the Central Asian region were interested in expansion or preservation of their traditional influence in territories, attached to the Russian Empire or being in political dependence of it. Revealed documents allow to shed light on history of mutual relations of Ottoman Empire and the Central-Asian khanates in first half of the 16th – beginning of the 20th centuries. The author considers the major factors influencing development of two-way communications in changing foreign and domestic policy conditions: political rivalry, economic issues, international situation. One of the most important factors was geographical location of the region, so the access to the Caspian region was very important to maintain uninterruptible communication. However, traditional relations of Ottoman Empire with the states in the region have been interrupted only in XX century. The study of documentary sources on this topic is relevant for modern Russia, as in the Central-Asian khanates, after their accession to the Russian Empire, coexisted and developed both Eastern and Russian traditions of statehood. The book is intended for experts in Oriental studies, students and readers interested in international relations of the Central Asian states.


Глава I. Историография и источники по истории взаимоотношений Османской империи и государств Центральной Азии
Глава II. История отношений Османской империи и государств Центральной Азии в XVI- конце XVII вв.
Глава III. Отношения Османской империи и государств Центральной Азии в начале ХIХ в.
Параграф 1. Стамбул и Бухара
Параграф 2. Стамбул и Коканд
Параграф 3. Стамбул и Хива
Параграф 4. Стамбул и Кашгар
Глава III. Хадж, торговые связи и центрально-азиатская диаспора в Османской империи
Глава IV. Характер взаимоотношений государств Центральной Азии и Османской империи
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