Золотая Орда : судьбы поколений Золотая Орда : судьбы поколений

Kulpin-Gubaidullin Eduard

Golden Horde : The Fate of Generations

Москва, 2008, 192 p.

The monograph is devoted to the history of Turkic peo-ples of Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, to radical changes in the life of Eurasian nomads who together with settled Turkic peoples of Volga Bulgaria established unique steppe urban civilisation, having overcome unfavourable natural conditions. Special emphasis is made on the fundamental changes in peoples’ notions about world and themselves, relations be-tween man and nature, on interrelations among ethnic groups, common people and grand people, ecological and economic criterions of civilisation. The author analyses the role of mediaeval globalisation, systems of succession to the throne. For the first time in the historical analysis the life of society is scrutinised as development of living organism passing through the stages of fundamental metamorphoses in the course of changes of demographic generations. The book is meant for historians, sociologists, ethnographers as well as for a wide readership.

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