Oriental Studies 2008. Theses of the Reports to Sci-entific Conference, 8–10 October 2008

Compilator: Anna Panina

Москва, 2008, 40 p.

The book includes abstracts and summaries of the papers presented to the scientific conference “Oriental Studies 2008” held at the Institute of Oriental Studies, RAS, on 8–10 October 2008, in connection with the 190th anniversary of the Institute of Oriental Studies, RAS, and the 50th anniversary of the Department of languages of Asian and African peoples. Various centres of oriental studies took part in this conference. All the materials are published as submitted by their authors.

РУССКАЯ ВЕРСИЯ: Востоковедные чтения 2008 : Тезисы докладов научной конференции 8–10 октября 2008 г