Япония 2012. Ежегодник Япония 2012. Ежегодник

Japan 2012. Annual

Editor-in-chief: Molodyakova Elgena

Москва, 2012, 450 p.

In 2012 this Annual celebrated its 40th anniversary. This is a unique edition that provides the publication of newest researches in various relevant subjects. Throughout the decades the Annual has been committed to chosen concept. This anniversary issue deals with a wide range of problems of modern life in Japan related to external and internal policy, economic situation and particularities of management. Considerable attention is paid to Japanese culture and art in the past and present time. The researches of new trends in modern society development are of great interest too. As before, the articles concerning different periods of Japanese history constitute an important part in this book.
The work consists of the following parts:
Internal and External Policy,
Economy and Management,
Society and Culture, Historical Pages,
Our Scholars Celebrating a Jubilee.
The last part contains an article dedicated to the 75th anniversary of Doctor of Historical Sciences, Professor E.V. Molodiakova.
This paper is written by I.L. Timonina. The information about the authors of this book is given too. This anniversary issue presents the articles of the younger generation of Japanologists working in Russia and abroad.

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