Древняя Индия: история и культура Древняя Индия: история и культура

Bongard-Levin Bongard-Levin

The Ancient India. History and Culture

Москва, 2008, 411 p.

The collection of selected papers by a prominent Russian orientologist–indologist and Buddologist, academician of RAS G.M. Bongard-Levin sums up the 50-years scientific activity of the scholar. The book contains the articles on the history and culture of South and Central Asia, and firs of all – India. The author considers cardinal problems of ancient Indian civi-lisation origin, ethnogenesis of Indian peoples, special features of social and state structure, typical traits of ancient Indian religious, philosophy and science. The book is supplied with a rich illustrative material. It is recommended for historians, philologists, archaeologists, and all those interested in ancient Indian culture.

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