Vladimir Ahmedov

Socio-Political Processes in Arab Countries of the Middle East


Moskva, 2008, 108 pages

The monograph is devoted to the complex research of the main socio-political processes in the Arabic states of the Middle East in the second half of XX cent. and the analysis of their development in globalisation period and under the influ-ence of modernisational transformations taking place in the Middle East region in the beginning of XXI cent. The role of the army in Arab countries politics, as one of the major politi-cal institutions of the state, is considered. The main charac-teristics of political Islam movements in Arab states and their relations with Arabic political regimes and the army are ana-lysed. The attempt to predict possible ways of their evolution in political space of the Middle East is made. The book is fo-cused on students and post-graduates, and also on profes-sionals and researchers, historians, economists and political scientists interested in the modern regional problems of Arab East.