Труды Института востоковедения РАН. Вып. 30 Труды Института востоковедения РАН. Вып. 30
Труды Института востоковедения РАН. Вып. 30 Труды Института востоковедения РАН. Вып. 30

Papers of the Institute of Oriental Studies. Issue 30

WRITTEN SOURCES OF THE EAST. Problems of Translation and Interpretation. Selected papers. Volume IV

Editor: Goriaeva Liubov, Nastich V.
Reviewer: Mikulsky Dmitry, Prigarina Natalya

Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Москва, 2021, 310 p.

The present issue is a sequel of selected papers delivered at sessions 1‒8 of the annual Conference «Written Monuments of the East: Problems of translation and interpretation» (Institute of Oriental Studies, Moscow), organized in 2011 on the base of the permanent Seminar «Textual Criticism and Source Study of the East» and conducted by the staff of the Department of Oriental Written Sources (vols. I–III have been printed in 2017, 2018 and 2020). Volume IV contains a selection of papers from the 9th (2019) and 10th (2020) Conference sessions, along with two papers submitted for delivery in 2021 and matters presented at the Seminar in 2019–2020.


Iurii A. Averianov. Shams Tabrı zı ̄ ̄as a historical person and as a Sufi according to Maqālāt-i Shams-i Tabrīzī ...17
Alexander V. Akopyan. Pictorial features of Iranian gold and silver coins (16‒19th cts.) ...41
Maya V. Babkova. The Buddhist sermon about Looking at Oneself in the Mirror ...69
Tatiana A. Denisova. Names and toponyms in the Collection of verdicts and official resolutions from the Shariah Court of Justice in Daik, Lingga (early 20th century) ...93
Yuliy I. Drobyshev. Mongol-Tangut wars in the light of Tangut sources ...106
Badma V. Menyaev. Oirat translation of "Twenty-one praises of the Goddess Tara" from B. Okchaev’s private collection ...120
Dmitriy V. Mikulsky. French translations of the Arabic erotic treatise «The Fragrant Garden for Spiritual Delights» by Shaykh al-Nafzawi (14th ct.) ― a story of adaptation of a medieval text in
the 19th‒20th centuries: in connection with acquisition of a rare edition of the translation (1953) ...135
Svyatoslav A. Polkhov. Ota Gyu ̅ichi. Shincho-ko ki, Books XII (translation into Russian with comments) ...180
Dmitry M. Timokhin. Juzjani's Tabakat-i Nasiri as a source for the history of Khorezm ...258
Kirill D. Frolov. “The Symbol of Glory in the History of Najd” as a source for the history of the 1st Saudi state ...278
Salida Sh. Sharifova. Scholarly debate on the genre nature of Orkhon-Yenisei inscriptions ...283

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