Oriental Epigraphy. Issue 31 Oriental Epigraphy. Issue 31

Oriental Epigraphy. Issue 31

Editor-in-chief: Vitaly Naumkin
Compilator: Dmitri Vasilyev, V. Nastich, Aleksandr Stolyarov

Institut vostokovedeniya RAN

Moskva, 2015, 352 pages

ISBN: 0131-1344

The next in turn 31st issue of “Oriental Epigraphy” contains first publications of ancient and mediaeval oriental inscriptions, historical, philological, and linguistic researches of already published epigraphic materials. It also includes papers on oriental numismatics. The collection of articles is divided into 4 parts: Epigraphy, Numismatics, Review, and In Memoriam. The book has a supplement – List of Abbreviations. The part “In Memoriam” is devoted to E.A. Davidovich (1922 – 2013), S.G. Klyashtorny (1928 – 2014), and G.G. Levin (1965 – 2014). The book is meant for Orientalists, historians, philologists, linguists, and archeologists.