Russian Koreans in Fight for Independence of Korea. Photo portraits. Book 2.

Editor-in-chief: Yurij Vanin
Editor: Bella Pak, Chzhon Pak
Translator: En Pe
Compilator: Boris Pak, Valentin Czoj

Seul, 2013, 157 pages

ISBN: 978-89-6207-046-0

The book continues the series started in 2004. This is the collection of photo portraits of Russian Koreans – participants of national-liberation movement in Korea in 1910 – 1930s and liberation of Korea by the Red Army in August 1945. It contains 53 illustrated bibliographical essays. Part of them is published for the first time. This publication is devoted to 150 years of voluntary relocation of the Koreans to Russia. This event is celebrated in 2014.