Очерки истории Хорезма и Восточного Дешт-и Кыпчака в XI – начале XIII вв. Очерки истории Хорезма и Восточного Дешт-и Кыпчака в XI – начале XIII вв.

Timokhin Dmitry, Tishin Vladimir

Essays on the history of Khorezm and East Desht -i Kipchak in XI-early XIII centuries

Москва, 2018, 380 p.

The monograph is devoted to the issues of interaction of the state of Khorezmshakhs-Anushteginids with the tribes of East Desht -i Kipchak in the period of XI-beginning of XIII centuries and involves the first special study on this issue. The subject of the work is related to the lack of a full monographic study of the history of relations between the state of Khorezmshakhs-Anushteginids with the steppe world. The chronological scope of work is defined by the period of existence of the state of Khorezmshahs-Anushteginid: 1097-1231., in this covered the period prior to the establishment of the dynasty of Anushteginids and associated with the intrusion of Kipchak tribes on the territory of the Aral-Balkhash plain.
The main part of the work consists of introduction, five chapters and conclusion. The first chapters are devoted to the consideration of the source base and the main Fund of literature. Subsequent chapters address the following issues: the formation of power of Khorezmshakhs-Anushteginid, higher prosperity and the death of public formation. Special attention is payed to the issue of the beginning of the conflict with the Mongols, whose geopolitical interests collided with the interests of the Khorezmshakh state in East Desht-i Kipchak. A significant place is given to the interaction of the khorezmian and Kipchak elites in the period of the Mongol-khorezmian war, 1219-1221., as well as the activities of Khorezmshah Jalal al-Din Mankburny, the basis of military power which was Turkic tribes, including the Kipchak. Another Chapter is devoted to the ethnic processes in East Desht-i Kipchak, preceding the formation here of large unions of Kipchak tribes, as well as their transformation. A special attention is given to the localization of individual place names, to clarify the relationship between the ethnonyms found in the sources, to the identification of historical characters.
In conclusion, the authors ' conclusions are briefly summarized and the results of the entire study are summarized.

РУССКАЯ ВЕРСИЯ: Очерки истории Хорезма и Восточного Дешт-и Кыпчака в XI – начале XIII вв.