Writers of the East –Nobel Laureats

Editor-in-chief: Uturgaury S.

Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences,

Москва, 2012, 370 p.

In this book, our reader has a rare opportunity to meet all Eastern Writers – the Nobel Laureates. There is an Indian poet and writer Rabindranath Tagorer, two classics of modern Japanese literature Yasunari Kawabata and Kenzaburo Oe, an Egyptian author Naguib Mahfouz, a Chinese writer, interpreter, and political immigrant Gao Xingjian, a Trimidadian author of Indian origin V.S. Naipaul, and a Turkish postmodernist Orhan Pamuk. Each of them is one of the pinnacles of his national culture; every one has introduced innovative approaches in his national literature, has created works of universal significance and influenced the development of world literature. The history and life of their respective countries are reflected in the literary works of these writers. The book is written by orientalists who already had publications about the writings and life of these outstanding authors and who have knowledge of the history, culture and language of the lands that gave birth to their talents. The Nobel lectures of the authors-laureates are included in this book for interested readers.

РУССКАЯ ВЕРСИЯ: Писатели Востока – лауреаты Нобелевской премии