Turkic Poetics : Stages of Development : 8 – 20 Cent.

Москва, 2012, 200 p.

This book traces the evolution of the Turkic poetic forms throughout the development of Turks’ poetry – from 8th to 20th century. The author shows the continuity and succession in different periods of Turkic poetry. She identifies four main periods: Old Turkic (8 – 10 cent.); early classical (11 cent.); the heyday of classical Turkic poetry (15 – 16 cent.); modern stage, reflected in the works of poets who have written in Turkic national languages (to the second half of the 20th cent.).
The conclusions of this work are based on a concrete analysis of the texts created in different epochs. Translations of examples illustrating these conclusions are made by the author of the monograph.

РУССКАЯ ВЕРСИЯ: Тюркская поэтика : этапы развития : VIII – XX вв.