Areshidze Liana, Krupyanko Mikhail

Nationalism in Japan (Ideology and Policy)

Москва, 2012, 408 p.

The fundamental research of Russian orientologists is devoted to the problems of the revival of state nationalistic ideology, happening now in Japan as a traditional instrument of mass consciousness manipulation in dramatic periods of new and modern history of the country. The authors stress that the rise of nationalistic trends aims at consolidation and mobilization of the national potential facing a real threat of the weakening of international position of Japan. The work reveals the major bearers of nationalistic ideology in Japan, examines the Imperial power institution role in the upsurge of nationalistic sentiments, shows the ruling circles policy of the formation of nationalistic mentality among Japanese youth.
The authors marked the immediate prospects of nationalism development in Japan, as well as negative consequences of such kind of policy for Japanese-Russian and Japanese-Chinese relationships.

РУССКАЯ ВЕРСИЯ: Японский национализм (идеология и политика)