Anna Panina

Roshiago no kyo:kasho. A Textbook of the Russian Language

Токио , 2012, 158 p.

The distinguishing feature of this textbook is that it aims at giving the Japanese-speaking students all the grammar necessary for reading and understanding authentic Russian texts. It presents material in more density and detail and covers more advanced topics than other elementary to intermediate textbooks of the Russian language currently in use in Japan. The textbook is suited both for the classroom and for self-study. Russian-speaking students of Japanese may also find the texts and exercises useful in learning the Japanese equivalents of some common forms and constructions, but in this case the textbook is better suited for advanced learners, because even for the simplest Russian texts the Japanese translation makes use of the full variety of natural-sounding conversational styles, not avoiding contractions, male and female speech markers, exclamation particles, etc. Co-author of this Textbook – Panina A.S. – is a researcher at the Institute of Oriental Studies, RAS. This fact is mentioned at the end of the book.

РУССКАЯ ВЕРСИЯ: Росиаго-но кё:кассё. Учебник русского языка