Zvyagelskaya Irina

History of the State of Israel

Москва, 2012, 359 p.

The State of Israel has a relatively short history: it was declared an independent state on 14 May, 1948. The struggle for its establishment began much earlier – it was pursued by the leaders of political Zionism, who succeeded in materializing a concept that seemed utopian at that time. Israel was a product of ideas generated by European liberalism and nationalism, which were welcomed and carried through by the Jewish nationalist movement shaped in the context of diverse ideological trends – ranging from Marxism to right-wing theories. Israel is justifiably considered to be a nation of immigrants. Immigrants from around the world, who arrived in Palestine within the framework of the Zionist movement, have created the quasi-state institutions and facilitated the structural, military-political and economic formation of a Jewish community in Palestine and subsequently of a state. Until the present day, immigration is an important resource for a demographic growth. In this research, the author has made a special emphasis on the regional and international context within which the emergence of the state took place. The problem of Palestine has a domineering importance for the political processes underway in the region, it exerts a powerful influence on the global international environment. Finally, the milestones in the Israeli history to a large extent reflect the phases of the Middle East conflict – periods of crisis and search for settlement.
The history of the State of Israel sets us on a course of thinking over many problems that have a universal dimension: the mobilizing effect of political movements, role of national elites, relationships between the state and religious institutions, ethnicity and demography, conflicts and conflict resolution, fight for independence and acts of terrorism.
This monograph can be of interest not only to the expert community, but also to a broader reading audience, and it can be used in the learning process by students.

РУССКАЯ ВЕРСИЯ: История Государства Израиль