Newsletter of Oriental Society. Issue 18. To the VIIIth Congress of Russian Orientologists : Proceedings of the VIIth Congress

Compilator: Kirill Bababev, Dmitri Vasilyev, Mihail Meyer, Aleksandr Stolyarov

Rukopisny`e pamyatniki Drevnej Rusi

Moskva, 2012, 312 pages

This issue of Newsletter includes the articles presented as papers at the VII Congress of Russian orientologists held in September 2010 in Zvenigorod and devoted to 110th anniversary of Oriental Society of the Russian Academy of Sciences. The participants of the Congress touched upon a great number of themes, such as importance of Oriental studies for authorities, field problems, financing of editorial projects, theoretical and practical issues of Oriental studies, problems of scientific ties, etc. The Congress elected a new president of Oriental Society – V.V. Naumkin, Director of the Institute of Oriental Studies (RAS). After this Congress the Society will be named as Oriental Society of Russia.