Andrey Blinov

Regional Variants of Standard Arabic. Study of Arabic Press Language of Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and Egypt


Saarbrücken (Germany) , 2012, 212 pages

The Arabic language is today regarded as the official language of 22 independent countries. The functioning of Standard Arabic in each country is characterized by unique conditions, which makes a local impact on the language and gives rise to regional traits in it. As a result, every Arab country has its own regional variant of Standard Arabic representing a kind of its local variety that does not violate the norm of Standard Arabic, but features a number of distinguishing characteristics peculiar to the area in question.
The book studies the regional variants of Standard Arabic in Tunisia, Saudi Arabia and Egypt, based on the analysis of newspaper publications in these countries. Among other results, it includes a concise Arabic-Russian dictionary of regionalisms compiled by the author. The findings and material of the work can be used in teaching Arabic, in lexicology, stylistics and translation courses, for compiling textbooks and workbooks, etc.