Арабы в жерновах модернизации Арабы в жерновах модернизации
Арабы в жерновах модернизации Арабы в жерновах модернизации

Levin Zalman

Arabs in Wheels of Modernization

Institute of Oriental Studies of the Russian Academy of Sciences

Москва, 2016, 146 p.

Modernization of the East is the process and result of renewal and transformations, oriented at the highest level of technology and corresponding to it social relations. It is possible to say with a high probability that all the phenomena of the contemporary life of the East are a legacy of the transitional era when the new has not completely overcome the resistance of the old. At this period, the dynamics of modernity, surmounting the inertia of the life of traditional society, creates in it the bizarre forms of combining the new and the old. This collection of essays is a kind of supplement to the book of the same author, published in 2011 – “The East: Modernization of Human Dimension”. These essays, perhaps, contain in some way a new look at the phenomena of Arab life. The author formulated his idea of how an Eastern traditional man becomes a modern person. He tried to reveal the system mechanisms of interaction between the traditional and modern principles of oriental consciousness. The book touches upon such topics as the problems of Arab intelligentsia, nature of radical Islamism, phenomenon of “Arab Spring”, comparative analysis of the classics of New Arabic literature – Lebanese Ameen Rihani and Egyptian Taha Hussein, future of “Arab nationalism”, etc. This edition is an attempt to provide insight into the problems raised by the author, to trace the trends, without going into details, to emphasize the consequences of modernization for the Arabs.

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