Vladimir Braginskij

Еditor: Igor` Lisevich

Vostochnaya literatura, Nauka

Moskva, 1991, 387 pages

ISBN: 5-02-016743-6

In the preface to his study, Problems of Typology in Medieval Literatures of the East (Essays in Culturology Studies of Literature), V. Braguinsky defines the term "typology of medieval literatures of the East" and reviews Soviet studies in the field; he also outlines here the meth¬odology involved. The latter includes research of the types of medieval literatures of the East within the con¬text of medieval, i. e. religious culture, interpretation of medieval culture, and literature (one of its projections) as monocentric multilevel systems; a study of these in terms of their sense of self, that is cultural and literary self-consciousness respectively. The author views literary self-consciousness as aggregate rules of creating a literary text in their relation to the vision of the world and the idea of the Absolute peculiar to a given culture, on the one hand; and to the behavioral models as represented in the texts, on the other. The meth¬odology is focussed on the functional aspect of litera¬ture, in particular its socio-psychological functions. The study cites representative cases to spotlight a range of vital typological issues, like medieval aggregations (Or communities) of literatures, as discussed in Es¬say One; literary sense of self specific to various aggregations and its features common to them (Essay Two); and patterning literary systems as com¬parable entities (Essay Three). In short, the study out¬lines some areas of typological comparison of literatures and suggests a variant of a metalanguage thus required.