Shia clergy in two revolutions (1905-1911 and 1978-1979) Shia clergy in two revolutions (1905-1911 and 1978-1979)

Elena Doroshenko

Shia clergy in two revolutions (1905-1911 and 1978-1979)

Institut vostokovedeniya RAN

Moskva, 1998, 240 pages

ISBN: 5-89282-096-3

This book is devoted to the investigation for participation of Shia Community of Iran in historically important events of the 20th century, which called «Constitutional Revolution» in 1905-11 and «Islamic Revolution» in 1978-79.
The main point has been concentrated on the ideological base of clergy for their participation in the above mentioned events, especially within the last one. The author gave an a bright light for fundamental consequences of the Revolution 1978-79 (which are also under accurate consideration in this book), and results of which have conducted to Islamic rule.
The author has carrying out step by step the possibilities for reality formation of unique State of our Century and it's evolution as well.
One can find here different views of Iranian Clergy towards such kind of issues as the State of Power, Economics, International Relations and so on.
The firm warfares among different groups of ruling clergies are also have been under consideration. Moreover, the author showed round the struggle inside ruling cycles, starting for new economic, social and political development of Islamic Republic of Iran.