Dmitry Nechitaylo

Ideology and Practice of Modern Radical Islamism


Moskva, 2013, 418 pages

ISBN: 978-5-905948-45-9

This book tells about al-Qaeda and connected with it organizations during two last decades, i.e. the period of intensive activity. Strategy and tactics of Islamic groups in Afghanistan, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, North Caucasus, African states, Syria, Palestine, Lebanon, Jordan, European countries, and Russia are considered. Activity of modern Islamic organizations of extremist character; correlation of ideology of so-called “pure Islam” with the norms of traditional Muslim society, which often contradict with Salafist movement ideology; why Islam, in particular, shows the rise of radicalism – all these problems are described too. Special attention is paid to the following problem: what is the motivation of well educated successful people from happy families to take part in jehad, and why the common man becomes suicide bomber.