Essays on Political Islam in Turkey Essays on Political Islam in Turkey
Essays on Political Islam in Turkey Essays on Political Islam in Turkey

Nikolaj Kireev

Essays on Political Islam in Turkey

Editor: Mihail Meyer

Institut vostokovedeniya RAN

Moskva, 2017, 367 pages

ISBN: 978-5-89282-720-1

The book is devoted to the confrontation of secularism and Islamism in the Socio-political life of Turkey. In this sense, it is necessary for Turkey to discuss the relations of religion and democracy. Islam does not attach importance to racial, national, property differences between people. This testifies to the possibility of Islam to create a spiritual and intellectual climate, corresponding to the individualistic democracy. At present, the task is to establish the unity of secularism and Islam in such a way that the basis of this unity becomes the renewed Islamic civilization. It should be modernized, with high technologies in the economy and full-fledged democracy. As a result of almost eighty years of the evolution of republic regime in Turkey, the conflict between secularism and Islamism has not ended with the complete victory of secular norms. All the works of N.G. Kireyev are distinguished by the choice of the most significant problems in the life of Turkish society. The analysis of these problems is always based on a thorough knowledge of all factual material and consideration of all Turkish, Russian and Western literature on a selected topic. In his now book, the author also thoroughly and even meticulously traces the confrontation between Turkish adherents of secular order and their Islamic opponents on a wide range of diverse sources and research publications.