Soviet Union and North Korea, 1945 – 1948 Soviet Union and North Korea, 1945 – 1948
Soviet Union and North Korea, 1945 – 1948 Soviet Union and North Korea, 1945 – 1948

Yurij Vanin

Soviet Union and North Korea, 1945 – 1948

Еditor: Aleksandr Voronczov

Institut vostokovedeniya RAN

Moskva, 2016, 225 pages

ISBN: 978-5-89282-705-8

This book discusses major forms and contents of the Soviet policies towards North Korea during the above-mentioned period. A detailed account is given to the liberation of Korea from the Japanese colonial yoke in August 1945. Specially stressed in the fact that only Soviet Army that had fought the occupants on the Korean soil is specially stressed. As per the results of World War II North Korea was in the Soviet responsibility zone. Up to Autumn 1948, Soviet Army was stationed there. It created its own administration system for the liberated territory. The book throws light on the structure and functioning of Soviet administration in Korea, as well as cooperation with the nascent organs of indigenous self-governance – People’s Committees. Soviet government and military command promoted by all possible means the formation of indigenous administration along with the corresponding political system, as well as major democratic reforms. There is also a detailed analysis of the circumstances that led to the formation of Democratic People’s Republic of Korea in September 1948. For the first time in Russian historiography, the book informs about dismantling the equipment of some Japanese factories and export of trophies to USSR. The book consists of Introduction, four Chapters, and Conclusion. Bibliography, Annotation in Russian, and Summary are also supplied. The work is based mainly upon the materials from the Russian archives, some of them being introduced to the readers for the first time.