Japan after the Change of Power Japan after the Change of Power

Japan after the Change of Power

General Editor: Dmitry Streltsov

Vostochnaya literatura

Moskva, 2011, 199 pages

ISBN: 978-5-02-036448-6

This project book by Russian scholars studying Japan addresses the
changes that have occurred in the economic, political, social, and cultural
fields of Japan after the advent to power in September 2009 of the Democratic
Party of Japan. The authors have sought to elucidate reasons underlying the
change in the paradigm of the country’s development at the turn of the first
decade of the 21st century, as it was reflected in the change of government.
The collection is concerned with analysis of specific problems faced by
Japan in 2009–2010, and of controversial and ambiguous results of the DPJ
administration’s rule, as they were evaluated by Japanese voters in the
elections to the House of Councilors in the summer of 2010.
The book is written for the general public interested in the problems of
contemporary Japan.