Religion and Society in the East. Issue I Religion and Society in the East. Issue I

Religion and Society in the East. Issue I

Еditor: Alexey Sarabyev

Institut vostokovedeniya RAN

Moskva, 2017, 290 pages

ISBN: 978-5-89282-719-5

This issue opens a new series of scientific publications on the religious and confessional problems of the Eastern societies. The main topic of the issue is the relationship between religious communities and the state, as well as interfaith relations and their connection with political processes. The authors of the articles examine all the problems in a historical retrospective, combined with an analysis of current events. A wide geographical coverage (India, Iran, China, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Syria) gives readers an opportunity for comparative analysis. Approaches to developing topics are restraint in assessing the religious factor of conflictogenity. Interconfessional contradictions and interreligious discord are considered not as autonomously acting, but as closely intertwined with other factors. There are such factors as material and social inequality, disproportionate political participation of the population, the religious and ideological pressure and influence of fundamentalists, as well as diverse effects from abroad. Special attention should be paid to the article by Abdullah al-Ahmar – the deputy general secretary of the Ba‘ath Party (Syria). His article is also presented in Arabic. See also in Internet: